On Tuesday evening April 11, 1939 a meeting was held at the Colonial Country Club in Harrisburg for the purpose of organizing the greenskeepers of the area. Those in attendance at this meeting were George Morris, Riley Heckert, Hugh McJunis, James Morrison, Charles Bolton, John Grove, Jack Narril, and Al Heron. At this meeting it was decided to call the group The Central Pennsylvania Greenskeepers Association Officers, elected were George Morris President, Hugh McJunis Vice President, and Riley Heckert Secretary-Treasurer. Meetings were scheduled for the second Monday of each month with monthly meetings March through November. Dues to cover expenses were set at $3.00 and the first meeting was set for May 8, 1939 at the Colonial Country Club. Riley Heckert sent letters to all greens keepers in the area to announce the gathering. The day started with golf in the afternoon and was followed by dinner. Following dinner Mr. Musser and Mr. Benham from State College and County Agent Fromeyer spoke about fairway grasses, heights of cut for bluegrass and fertilization. Following the educational sessions a business meeting was held and Edward Zwick and E. P. Morris were taken into the Association as new members, raising the membership to ten. During 1939 the membership grew to thirteen members and at the November meeting the members decided that they wanted to continue meeting throughout the winter rather that wait until March as originally planned. The Association was a success, just as today, 72 years later.


The Central Pennsylvania GCSA has regular meetings that include an informative education speaker. Education topics range from technical turfgrass subjects to business management to personal self-improvement. The demands and technical aspects of the golf course superintendents profession are changing rapidly. Continuing education is vital to your future success.



Central Pennsylvania GCSA meetings and events provide a good opportunity to meet informally with your professional peers and gather important information. Members have the opportunity to meet new people, share information, solve problems and learn more about the local golf course industry by attending these meetings. The value of your dues could easily be recovered by finding one inexpensive solution to a problem you are having on your golf course.


Each year the Central Pennsylvania GCSA hosts a GCSAA seminar. These one and two-day seminars are comprehensive in their coverage of technical and business subjects. Topics range from Renovation and Reconstruction to the Microbiology of Turf Soils to Managerial Productivity. All participants receive CEU credits based on GCSAA criteria.


Participating in CPGCSA supports you profession on a local basis and provides an opportunity to make professional acquaintances in the local golf course industry. Golf outings organized by the Central Pennsylvania GCSA provides more than an enjoyable release from the tensions of everyday work. Playing golf at local courses stimulates discussion and the sharing of ideas about golf course management techniques and golf course maintenance problem solving.


Professionalism & Commitment

Promote and maintain the highest professional standards of service, commitment and conduct among the members of the turfgrass industry.



Networking Opportunities

Create a closer fellowship among those engaged in the profession of Golf Course Management through meetings and networking.



Best Practices

Enhance the recognition of the Golf Course Superintendent as a professional and promote the enjoyment of golf through responsible golf course management practices.


Turfgrass R&D

Support the research and development of turfgrasses for use on golf courses and promote research and development of turfgrasses.





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