CPGCSA Scholarships and Awards




The CPGCSA Board of Directors has developed a scholarship for students pursuing a career in Golf Course Management and/or for children of a member of CPGCSA seeking any type of higher education. The deadline for applications is July 31st.

  • CPGCSA Scholarship Guidelines:

    Eligible Candidates:

    Applicants must fall into one of the following categories:

    • 1) Students majoring in Golf Course Management at an accredited institution and are employed at least part time by a CPGCSA member.
    • 2) Students majoring in Golf Course Management at an accredited institution and are currently a member of CPGCSA in good standing.
    • 3) Students attending an accredited institution and are the child of a CPGCSA member in good standing.

    Guidelines for Applicants:

    • 1) Applicants must have completed at least one year at an accredited institution.
    • 2) Applicants must submit a typed essay of no more than 500 words outlining his or her career goals and why they feel they are deserving of the CPGCSA Scholarship.
    • 3) Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. (One from an instructor and one from a CPGCSA member)
    • 4) Applicants are eligible to receive this award one time.
    • 5) The scholarship will be paid directly to the college or university.


    • 1) July 31 - Deadline for submission of applications.
    • 2) August - Board will review applicant's information, approve, and notify recipient.
    • 3) Annual Scholarship Tournament ceremonial presentation of the award.

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Dave Rafferty Distinguished Service & Leadership Award

This award honors the memory of Dave Rafferty. Dave was a Past President of our association as well as the Northwest PA GCSA and the Allied GCS of Pennsylvania. He was a forerunner in educating our elected and regulatory officials to the benefits of golf turf to the environment.


Dave was a mentor to dozens of superintendents, assistant superintendents, and other members. He worked tirelessly to assist anyone who sought his counsel. We realize no one will fill Dave's shoes but we are dedicating this award to his memory. We recognize members who have selflessly given themselves to benefit our association and its membership.

  • Past Recipients

    2003 - James MacLaren2004 - Charles Cadiz2005 - Terry Wueschinski2006 - Gregory Borzok2007 - Kenneth Dietrich2008 - Jeffrey L. Fry2009 - Samuel Snyder2018 - Pete Ramsey2019 - Gregory C. Fantuzzi2020 - Wanda S. Fry2021 - Thomas C. Ocepek